Muskau Park – Germany - TR-9059

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Muskau Park – Germany - TR-9059 بقلم Fluffy Bear ... Bad Muskau is a spa town in the historic Upper Lusatia region in Germany, at the border with Poland. It is part of the Görlitz district in the State of Saxony. It is located on the banks of the Lusatian Neisse river. The town is part of the recognized Sorbian settlement area in Saxony.Muskau Park is a landscape park in the Upper Lusatia region of Germany and Poland. It is the largest and one of the most famous English gardens in Central Europe, stretching along both sides of the German-Polish border on the Lusatian Neisse. Very high-quality printing and rich materials. 300 strong and sturdy pieces that resist bending. Very well-cut and fully interlocking puzzle pieces. Colorful and durable.


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