El-Leila El-Kbeira - EA-9042

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El-Leila El-Kbeira - EA-9042 بقلم Fluffy Bear ... The folkloric masterpiece of Salah Jaheen, Sayed Mekawy, Salah El Saqqa, and Naji Shaker! It is an Egyptian puppet-operetta that was written by poet Salah Jahin with the music composed by Sayed Mekawy and first performed on theatre in May 1961; approximately 40-minutes in length. It formed a big part of the Egyptian folklore and considered the biggest icon representing the Folklore in Egypt in the twenty century; due to its expressive and funny depiction of the ”moulid”, and has been performed occasionally throughout the years until today. The operetta describes the celebration of the last night of the “moulid”, a festival celebrating the Prophet Mohamed’s birthday, through the displaying of the activities done in an Egyptian village. It focuses on displaying some certain scenes and activities from the carnival; like the circus, food stall vendors, shooting booth, and many other traditional scenes. 3 puzzle sets in one box. each puzzle is 300 pieces. Very high-quality printing and rich materials. Strong and sturdy pieces that resist bending. Very well-cut and fully interlocking puzzle pieces. Colorful and durable. Puzzle Size: 47.5 x 32.5 cm when complete.


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