Egyptian Temples - OR-9065

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Egyptian Temples - OR-9065 بقلم Fluffy Bear ... David Roberts: 1796 Stockbridge -1864 London. A Scottish painter, best known for The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt, and Nubia; a prolific series of detailed lithograph prints of Egypt and the Near East that he produced from sketches he made during long tours of the region (1838–40). These and his large oil paintings of similar subjects made him a prominent Orientalist painter. In August 1838 he landed at Alexandria and spent the rest of 1838 in Cairo. In February 1839 he traveled to Palestine via Suez, Mount Sinai, and Petra. From Gaza, he traveled to Jerusalem, and around the rest of the region. He returned to England at the end of 1839 after falling ill, having spent 11 months in the region. A total of 272 watercolor sketches were shared with the publisher F.G. Moon in 1840. Fluffy Bear brings you the most fascinating images which make our puzzles look like unique portraits. 3 puzzle sets in one box. each puzzle is 500 pieces. Very high-quality printing and rich materials. Strong and sturdy pieces that resist bending. Very well-cut and fully interlocking puzzle pieces. Colorful and durable. Puzzle Size: 47.5 x 32.5 cm when complete.


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