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3 progressive puzzles in one box. Includes one 6-piece puzzle, one 8-piece puzzle, one 9-piece puzzle. y First Puzzle series from “Fluffy Bear” are great starter puzzles and will help little hands develop their fine motor skills My First Puzzle set contains three puzzle sets showing farm birds an
d animals that your young ones will easily recognize.
The puzzles progress from 6 pieces to 8 pieces to 9 pieces, giving your child the opportunity to grow with the set as they grow and develop.
My First Puzzle sets are a great way to help your toddler begin building their tactile and problem-solving skills
It develops tactile/motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
Safe, sturdy and durable puzzle pieces.
Big chunky pieces for small hands.
غير متاح للتحميل، حفاظًا على حقوق دار النشر.
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