Words of Wonder A to Z : Inspirational Art & Stories For The Young Minds

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Words of Wonder A to Z : Inspirational Art & Stories For The Young Minds بقلم أميت سوري ... The book 'WOW: A to Z' is the collaborative work of 26 amazingly talented artists and an author. It features 26 words, each starting with a different letter of the English alphabet. Each of the Words Of Wonder represents a human virtue and is accompanied with an original art, a thought provoking quotation and an engaging story. The book draws its inspiration from Aristotle's saying: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. WOW : A to Z intends to inspire those who dream, and encourages them to pursue their goals and aspirations.

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Amit Suri, qualified engineer and master of business administration, is a creative person at heart with interests in literature, art, sociology and animal behaviour. Professionally, he co-owns and runs a Design Studio in Mumbai after a career in Merchant Navy and thereafter as Management Consultant. Personally, he likes to mend broken or discarded stuff, recycle used things for a fresh purpose, and discuss details outside his professional or personal interests. He spends his time managing his studio, raising his two kids, discovering offbeat places on bike or by road trips. When possible, he likes to draw, read and write on topics around his personal interests.

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